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EcoTuesday Meetup March 22: Hurdles for Small Farms Selling Direct

The new buzz among Americans is all about eating healthier foods. The discussion has finally come front and center in a nation struggling with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other diet-related chronic illness. As demand for locally grown food steadily increases, supply from existing local farms cannot meet the growing demand.

North Union Farmers Market (NUFM) has been a pioneering advocate for local farmers, with a 16-year history of attracting more than 300 small farms to its eleven “certified producer only” markets throughout Cuyahoga County. In surveying local farmers over the years, NUFM has pinpointed what it perceives as the greatest threat to small farm business - over regulation by state and federal governments. The impact on local farms can be devastating - more than half have left the business of farming because of lack of funding, lack of personnel resources, physical constraints and the costs associated with running a farm business.

EcoTuesday's March 22 will address the questions striking at the heart of this critical issue affecting both our economy and our public health: How can governments protect the consumer and grow more small farms? Is it the job of government to protect the consumer? What is the government’s role in protecting the consumer while encouraging local agriculture?

Panel Members Include:

  • Adam Sharp, Legislative FB Representative
  • Gale Betterley, Ph.D., Dairy Farmer
  • Tom Wiandt, Killbuck Valley Farm
  • Eric Ross, Red Wagon Farm
  • Susan Woodworth, Middle Ridge Gardens
  • Louis Rorimer, Snake Hill Farm
  • Todd Mogren, Millgate Farm

This amazing set of speakers has been organized by event co-planner Donita Anderson, Executive Director of NUFM.

Special Guest Moderator: Liz Lockert of the Civic Commons

For more information or to register, please visit the event website.

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