Growhio is a non-profit Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative designed to strengthen and support all aspects of Northeast Ohio's local food economy through branding, marketing and collaboration.


EcoTuesday February: Delving Deeper - Growhio drives local food success!

Join us Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 5:30 PM
1301 East Ninth St., Cleveland, OH
Price: $5.00/per person in advance ($10 at the door)
Come one, come all and hear a nice In-Depth follow up to a snapshot presentation from Growhio, one of several new but essential local food initiatives emerging from the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (first year summit) and going strong three years later.  We were happy the folks at Growhio reached out to us and requested the opportunity to share with everyone a deep dive: a great history of progress, the latest developments brewing, and current key projects to benefit those who want to get involved in growing and specifically - marketing their produce with special benefits and incentives.  We'll also hear great perspectives from local market managers, current vendors, and other key stakeholders who will share firsthand their perspectives from being involved.  We'll also have YOU who attend the opportunity to offer your best ideas, suggestions, and hopes to get plugged in to the local food movement and programs that Growhio is driving forward.

It is important stuff, and I've enjoyed tracking this group's progress since engaging with this group three years ago and helping contribute to its development.   Join us for a special session with Growhio on Feb 28th!  Fresh, free local food and drink for all.   Call 216-849-8651 with any questions!  BY: SUDHIR KADE RAGHUPATHY

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