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Local Food Rocks

We think local food rocks, which seems to be something appropriate to say in Cleveland. Cleveland excels when it comes to growing, eating, buying and sharing local food, and our place on the rock map was etched into the US coastline with the building of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on our shore. 

Thinking about food and rock brings to mind some classic songs with fresh produce and other local (to Ohio) food types in the title...
  • St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • A Taste of Honey    
... Which then led to our own attempts at putting the "local food" in rock songs. Here are our favorites:
  • Let It Beet
  • In the Dill of the Night
  • I Walk the Brine
  • Good Golly Miss Parsley
  • Plum as You Are    
  • Sweet Greens Are Made of This
  • Nothing Compares to Root
  • Turn the Bean Around
After this brainstorming session, we got a little hungry (and inspired). So we browsed over to Pinterest and renamed our boards to local food-rock song titles.

Surely we haven't come up with the best. Have a good one to add to our list? Share it with @growhio #localfoodrocks on twitter or facebook.

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