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Happenings at the Gordon Square Farmers' Market

Hello fellow eaters:

I hope this belated note finds everyone with electricity back on and at least a plan for the tree trimming.  I have to confess that again my work schedule has caused delay to the eater update:  I have been working nights or splits for almost three weeks now, and I am here to tell those of you who have not had this experience that it stinks.  However, I have made one startling discovery:  when I get home from work, I really want to eat something, and yet eating right before bed does not seem like the best idea.  It turns out that what really hits the spot is either a tomato from the garden with a bit of some tasty olive oil or gazpacho.  I believe that I have mentioned gazpacho in the past, but it is possibly the easiest soup in the whole world to make.  Long time readers of the eater update know that I try to avoid authenticity arguments, so I am willing to consider that there are other recipes with more ingredients and more detail, but the one I use was passed on to me from a spaniard I knew in chicago and was basically in the form of a ratio:  into the food processor go a couple of tomatoes, a red onion, a cucumber, and a bell pepper, plus a bit of garlic, some balsamic vinegar, some olive oil, and a bit of dill.  I do not want to be precious, gentle eater, but real tomatoes are such a treat, and we should not take them for granted.  Indeed a nutritionist might have something to say about eating from the nightshade family right before bed (weird dreams! indigestion!), and yet it has become my perfect very late night or early morning (!) snack solution.

Another neighborhood food announcement: The Ithaca Court Community Garden will  have a Chef in the Garden event featuring chef Andy Reichert, in action as he cooks up a fresh vegetarian chili using just-harvested ingredients from garden plots. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy chili and other snacks offered by the gardeners. There will be free sidewalk chalk and lots of space for kids to decorate.  The event is this Saturday, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the garden.

Again somw of the usual suspects have not emailed their produce lists, so we will have to go to the market to find out and cook with what is good and available.

EcoVillage Produce will have eggplant, cucumber, kale, swiss chard, collard greens, red & green tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red & green cabbage, red onions, mixed greens, yukon gold potatoes, rosemary, thyme, sweet basil, sage, turnip greens, tomatillo, jalapeno pepper, hungarian hot wax peppers, yellow bell peppers, green bell peppers, cherry bomb peppers, sweet bell peppers, summer squash, goat cheese, and many more surprises...

Cathie Brenkus will have colorful and themed towels as well as her bracelets this Saturday.  Because of labor day, she will feature patriotic towels this week along with the usual patterns.

ReMemories will have cut flowers in addition to her usual fabulous and stylish quilts, purses, and totes.

Every Saturday during market season, the Gordon Square Farmer’s Market provides our neighborhood with healthy, affordable food while recreating local food systems, building community pride, and supporting local entrepreneurs. Your support and enthusiasm for the market has helped make GSFM a successful independent farmers' market. As GSFM continues to grow, there are many opportunities to contribute to the market’s success.  Throughout the remainder of this season and next the GSFM is expanding opportunities for volunteers. GSFM volunteer coordination meetings are held each Wednesday during market season at 6:30pm at alternating locations in Detroit Shoreway. I hope you can join us to learn more about opportunities to volunteer with market. Please email or call 330-256-6641 if you have any questions.

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