Growhio is a non-profit Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative designed to strengthen and support all aspects of Northeast Ohio's local food economy through branding, marketing and collaboration.


Sustainable Cleveland 2019 - September 22-23

The third annual Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit will be Sept 22nd and 23rd from 8am-5pm in Cleveland's Public Auditorium. An online application is available for the SC2019 Sustainability Summit:

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is organized around annual Celebration Years and powered by the work of more than 30 volunteer working groups and other engaged individuals and organizations. For more information about speakers and panelists, visit /AISummit

The first day of the summit, Sept 22nd, we  will focus on Energy Efficiency and report-outs from working groups engaged in a variety of sustainability projecs. The second day, Sept 23rd, we will focus on Local Food.

During Summit 2011 we will:
  • Learn from SC2019 stakeholders about the successes since Summit 2010
  • Highlight local and regional accomplishments relating to energy efficiency and accelerate momentum for current initiatives.
  • Create an agenda and framework for the 2012, The Year of Local Food

We recommend participants attend both days of the summit, but are asking participants to commit to attend either one or two full days of this summit. A firm commitment is required in order for applicants to obtain an appointment to the Summit team.

An application process is used to ensure that the mix of stakeholders at the summit is representative of the whole system.  If your application is approved, you will be notified no later than August  31st, 2011.

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