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Happenings at Gordon Square Farmers Market July 28

Hello fellow eaters:

I was out of the great state of ohio last weekend, so I missed all of the festivities, but I heard that events were a great success and the neighborhood was crawling with folks who are now in on the secret of our great and engaged neighborhood. I hope that many of them come back to visit more often. And, before I forget, there will be yet another spectacular opportunity for those not fortunate enough to live in walking distance of the market to come and see amazing sights: on the 4th of august the gordon square farmers' market will temporarily (one week only) be at the zone recreation center to celebrate the re-opening of the greenspace around the rec center: sports fields, walking paths, dog park , on-site storm water management, and other amenities, did I mention dog park? The mayor will be at the rec center to help kick-off the celebration, and the market will be there, too, so mark your calendars for a different location. 

While I was visiting in illinois, I had the occasion to visit a farmers' market, and I would like to say that there was not enough swiss chard to feed the gordon square neighborhood greens habit, but they were doing very well with beets and popcorn and honey and melons and sweet corn. It was heartening to see a robust farmers' market because even in the county seat of an agriculture-oriented area, the food in the grocery store comes from some other place. Folks within 80 miles grow every manner of fruit and vegetable (including really, really good peaches which my mom and a neighbor braved seriously inclement weather to pick one year), and you cannot get it in the grocery store. So our food system problem is not just a problem in urban areas in ohio, it is a problem (and an opportunity) everywhere. Farmers' markets are not the only solution, but they are part of the solution. And, farmers' markets are more fun and more interactive than the average solution to a problem. So, come to the market, meet some neighbors, buy some food, trade some recipes, and vote for more of our food coming from here.

EcoVillage Produce will have early gonzalez cabbage (a green cabbage), napa cabbage, scallions, hot southern mustard greens, swiss chard, collards, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, radishes, beets.

Maggie's Farm will have golden beets, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, green tomatoes, swiss chard, and russian kale. Diane also wants to let market denizens know that the there will be a celebration of the first season at maggie's farm, Sunday, the 5th of august, 7 to 9 pm at the farm on 61st street. Maggie is hosting, and there will be music. Rsvp to 216-961-3113 hope to see many folks there.

Old Husher, Dharma Garden, and Golden Gate Garden did not check in, so we'll see. 

Wooden Knight Farm will have their lettuce mixes (got some relatives to eat it and they liked it!), swiss chard, carrots, garlic, the first harvest of green beans, and a small quantity of plum tomatoes.

Berry Good Farm will have honey and honey products, eggs, a delicious variety of baked goods, locally grown and milled oats and other grains, soap, candies, and other good things.

Origins Beanery will probably be at the market this week, I hope. 

Peddler Bread usually has multigrain loaves, cranberry walnut loaves, and something else. They may have locally grown and milled flours. I had a cranberry-walnut bread a couple of weeks ago when what I really wanted was sold out, and now I am a cranberry-walnut convert. 

MoBite Bakery never ceases to amaze with their vegan delights, from pies to main dishes. 

Bethany's fabulous Maria Quiles is bringing tamales, so consider coming to the market hungry. 

ReMemories ... I am thinking Phyllis will be there. 

Anita Nonneman might be at the market with jewelry, serving utensils, wall hangings, carved items and other things made by south african craftspersons.

Sister Fires will be at the market with their fair trade crafts, including purses of various sizes, belts, hair wraps, dreamcatchers, wallets, bookmarks, etc. they will also be taking orders for leather goods.

Also there will be yoga at the market this and every week, woo hoo! Class is from 11-12 and is open to all levels of practice. the class is donation-based and will meet in the labyrinth across the street from the market.

The Gordon Square Farmers' Market: more food, fewer tourists.
GSFM is located in the parking lot of Bethany Presbyterian Church at W. 65th and West Clinton streets (one block south of Detroit Ave.). 
Every Saturday through October, 10am-2pm. 
Feed back? Please email or talk to us at the GSFM booth on Saturday.

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