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Happenings at Tremont Farmers Market March 19

Open Tues March 19th 4-7pm
2406 Professor Ave
in the heart of Tremont!
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Join us for the
Tremont Farmers' Market
PoPup Shop

Tuesdays 4-7pm Feb 19th thru March 26th
2406 Professor Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44113

Good Local Food!

Abby's Kitchen,  J&R Farms, Mackenzie Creamery,
& GodMother's Sauce

We are now accepting vendor applications for 2013!

Ground Sirloin $7.75lb       

J&R Farms offers the freshest meats and eggs that contain no antibiotics or hormones and are pasture fed.
Feel free to download the price sheet and place your order for pickup at the Tremont Farmers' Market every Tuesday from 4-7pm.
Call Justin or Roseanne Burkholder at 419-207-0500.

Sirloin Steak $8.89lb reg $9.26lb
Boneless Pork Chops $4.89lb reg $5.14lb
Smoked Kielbasa $4.45lb reg $4.94
Cajun Brats $3.89 reg $4.38lb
No No Bacon $6.17lb
Chuck Roast $4.48lb
Strip Steak $11.59lb
Chorizo Sausage in casing $4.38lb
Ground Beef $4.10lb
Ground Pork $3.45lb
Stew Beef $4.94lb
Dozen Brown Eggs $3.50
Porter House Steak $12.35lb
Ground Sirloin $8.23lb 
Ground Pork  $3.45
Godmother's Sauce
Godmother's Sauce is now available at the Popup!

Marinara - $5
Roasted Red Pepper - $6
Spicy Roasted Red Pepper - $6 
We are an artisan goat cheese producer focused on providing our customers with high quality traditional as well as unique goat cheeses. Our cheese is made from the finest ingredients, the purest milk, award-winning recipes and with love. Our vision is to promote the awareness of the benefits of goat cheese as a natural and healthy food source. Locally produced and
 & handcrafted, our cheeses are 100% hormone free.
Bon appétit!

Fresh Chevre
Plain $6
12 flavors $7

Aged cheeses - Bucheron

Goat Cheese Grating Stick
Great on salads, pasta & more!
Abby's jams and jellies are made locally using locally grown fruit. They are made in small batches using only fruit and sugar, cooked until the natural fruit pectin, sugar and heat react to create the perfect gel, set but not firm. The full line of jams and jelly is available at Eddy Fruit Farm in Chesterland and the Raspberry Jam can be purchased at On the Rise in Cleveland Heights, Park Place in Peninsula, and at Lucky Penny Creamery in Kent. Local farm suppliers are Eddy Fruit Farm in Chesterland and Rosby Berry Farm in Old Brooklyn. Both Farms are u-pick farms and offer GREAT local products! 


We are back in Lincoln Park
on Tuesday April 2nd!



Starting in May of 2012, customers utilizing the Ohio Direction Card at participating famers' markets throughout Cuyahoga County can receive extra money or PRODUCE PERKS (in the form of market-dispensed tokens) towards the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables.

To receive your PRODUCE PERKS locate the Customer Service booth at any of the 17 participating farmers' market and use your Ohio Direction Card to purchase tokens.

The farmers' market will provide a dollar-for-dollar match (up to $10) in PRODUCE PERKS tokens that can be used to purchase fresh produce from local farmers.

"Produce Perks" will be redeemable at all participating markets and will be available while supplies last.

How does this incentive differ from last year? Last year Ohio Direction Card customers were able to receive an extra $5 for every transaction they made for $5 or more at participating farmers' markets to use on all Ohio Direction Card eligible food items. The 2012 incentive is limited for use on fruits and vegetables only and starts with the first dollar you spend. There is no minimal transaction amount necessary to receive incentive tokens, therefore you can spend $1 and earn another $1.

For more information and to see which markets are participating, please visit:

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