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Happenings at the Gordon Square Farmers' Market

Hello fellow eaters:

I think that there has not been a week in the last six in which pesto has not been made in my kitchen.  I use the passive voice intentionally, gentle eater, because I have not been the primary maker of said pesto; rather a dear friend and my 20-year old(!) food processor have done almost all of the work.  I have to admit that I have never made pesto with a mortar and pestle (from which I have been given to understand that the word "pesto" derives), but I have also never been long on authenticity arguments, so who is counting!  Maybe it is the peculiarities of weather that took us from garlic scape season straight to garlic being ready--do you remember from previous eater updates the etymology of "scape"?  And basil is now readily available in gardens and at the market.  One can make delicious pesto with so many different nuts (almonds, walnuts, the classic pine nuts), cheeses (parmesan, romano, asiago), and other variables (basil or no basil, oregano, some other herb), so it makes a very flexible menu option.  With all of the health components of nuts and garlic, how can one go wrong?  And if you have meaning to try whole wheat pasta, homemade pesto might be just the ticket.  Spinach pesto is a classic, as is pesto on green beans and potatoes.  Additionally, pesto is delicious as a vegetable dip (so much healthier and tastier than stuff that comes in packets that get mixed with sour cream; oh, you know who you are).  Pesto keeps well in the fridge and in the freezer (I have taken great joy in thawing pesto from the freezer in the dark of winter to have a taste of summer).  So consider buying some extra garlic this week and making up some pesto.

In other news the EBT machine is finally up and running, so more of our neighbors will find it easier to purchase produce at the market; please help spread the word.

EcoVillage Produce will have turnip greens, cucumber, kale, collard greens, mixed greens, okra, bunching onions, radishes, yukon gold potatoes, hot peppers, green tomatoes, rosemary, garlic, green beans, and goat cheese,

Several of our farmers did not check in (they are probably busy weeding after the crazy rain on Monday night), so in true farmers' market fashion it will be a surprise.

Mobite Products will have gluten-free zucchini muffins, banana muffins,  zucchini-roasted kale muffins, cherry pie,  sweet potato pie, carrot cake, chocolate cake.  all vegan all the time.

Origins Beanery will have three new coffees this week: a dry process fruit-bomb from Ethiopia, a smooth new offering from Guatemala, and a funky monsooned coffee from Bali. We will also have a selection of small batch fruit preserves from This Urban Homestead.

Cathie Brenkus will be at the market with towels and bracelets as usual. Will she have any towels themed for very hot weather?  Are we technically in the dog days yet?

ReMemories will have her very festive Sit-on-It reclaimed chairs as well as cutting starters and her usual wonderful purses, totes, and quilts.

This week at the neighborhood table:  Jesse Branch from the Imagine Foundation, a local Cleveland non-profit dedicated to ending child slavery worldwide (including right here in Cleveland).  Check out t-shirts for purchase and the info that Jesse has to share.

We will have yoga in the Labyrinth across from the Gordon Square Farmers Market from 11-12 on Saturday July 23rd, 2011.  We are excited to again welcome our GSFM guest Yogi Sarah Husher.  Her vinyasa-based classes are focused on breath, strength, flexibility, balance, motion, and stillness - and are set to an eclectic mix of music.  Turns out she is a practicing psychologist, so she can probably point out the psychological benefits of healthy movement, too!

Interested in volunteering for the market?  Each Wednesday 6:30 to 8 is a drop-in meeting to figure out what needs to be done and who can do it.  Meeting alternates between Gypsy Beans and Frank's; next week is Gypsy.  This is definitely a neighborhood production, so stop by and see what you can do.

Neighborhood table.  Interested in having the neighborhood table for a Saturday?  For questions and guidelines, contact Emily Holody at or 330-256-6641.

Yoga at the market.  Are you a yoga instructor interested in donating your time to a good cause?  We are looking for some yogis who would like to teach a donation (to the market) based yoga class on a Saturday of their choice this market season. We would like for the classes to be around an hour long and for all levels. If you have any questions contact Emily Holody at or330-256-6641. Currently scheduled classes are Saturdays July 16 , 23, August 13 & 27

The Gordon Square Farmers' Market:  more food, fewer tourists.
GSFM is located in the parking lot of Bethany Presbyterian Church at W. 65th and West Clinton streets  (one block south of Detroit Ave.).
Every Saturday through October, 10am-2pm.
Feed back? Please email or talk to us at the GSFM booth on Saturday.

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