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Press Release -

24 October 2011

Eugene, Oregon

Certified Organic Business Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a new section of specifically for producers of Certified Organically Grown livestock. is a unique new web-based record keeping service that provides a notebook interface for keeping track of the records required for growing crops and livestock to be labeled as organic.

Certified Organically Grown Professional is the online solution to organic record keeping, including:

● Fertility Inputs                       ● Feed and Ration Inputs
● Pest Management                  ● Herd & Flock Inventory
● Weed Control                       ● Health Care Records
● Harvest Records                             ● Sales Records
● Field Plans                            ● Breeding Records
● Equipment Cleaning               ● Pasturage & Ration Records
● Seeds, Plants, Rootstock       ● Track Egg & Milk Production

COG Pro is an easy-to-use system that satisfies the USDA standard for Certified Organically Grown record keeping. All the producer’s records are in one online notebook, available from anywhere in the world. Powered by a secure online database, COG Pro makes generating reports for certification a snap. From headache to problem solved.

Companion logbooks are planned for tracking data related to Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) and other food safety auditing.  Also in development are mobile apps to allow data entry from smart phones directly in the field or barn.  Expected release date for these products is first or second quarter of 2012.

Use of the COG Pro logbook is based on a yearly fee.  Access to the system is available for an introductory price of $60 per year for each module; merely $5 per month.  Subscriptions have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund if the user chooses to leave the system within the first month.  Growers and ranchers can try the logbook out for free by logging in as a guest.

Certified Organic  Business Solutions, LLC is led by Richard Wilen, Ph.D. and a design team composed of  graphic designer Kathy Kifer and programmer Ben Brinkley.  In addition to 40 years experience in database design and management, Dr. Wilen has been involved in organic agriculture for 35 years.  The COG-Pro notebook evolved out of his experience with operating a certified organic farm for over 20 years and frustration with the limited tools available for farmers to meet the ever burgeoning requirements for record keeping.  The result is an effective, easy to use system developed by a farmer for other farmers.

Organic certification - simplified.
For more information email:
P.O. Box 50172, Eugene, OR 97405

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