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Happenings at Downtown Farmers' Market Today, June 29

Friday, June 29, 2012

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Join us Fridays 11am-2pm!
Today at Downtown Farmers


Vendor Highlights

Community Greenhouse Partners
Micro greens, kale, collards, sun gold tomatoes

Por Bar Farms
Raspberries, Strawberries, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash/Zucchini, Beets, Carrots, Okra, Salad Mix

Harvest in Christ

Romaine lettuce, mesclun, arugula, kale, collards, onions, garlic, beets, beet greens, radishes, and yukon gold potatoes

Tea and Honey Company
Lavender Lemonade ($1.00/cup)

Ohio Farm Direct
100% grassfed cheese, drinkable yogurt

Vendor Highlights - lunch specials!
Judy’s Oasis
Fresh baked white and wheat Pita bread, hummus, meat pies and spinach & feta pies

In Forno Pizza
Classic (grated mozzerella, olive oil) $10
Margherita (fresh mozzerella, basil, oregano, olive oil) $12
Di Parma (prosciutto, grated mozzerella, fresh garlic, basil, olive oil) $14
Bianco (fresh mozzerella, tomato, fresh garlic, olive oil, basil) $13
Pepperoni (grated mozzerella, pepperoni) $14
Veggie (grated mozzerella, mushroom, black olives, basil, olive oil) $13
Spinach (baby spinach, fresh mozzerella, tomato, olive oil, garlic) $12
***Wood-fired pizza featuring toppings from vendors at the market; also available by the slice w/ free drink***

Pig Lickin' Good BBQ

Rib Sampler $7
Pulled Pork Sandwich $6
BBQ Chicken Kabob (served over rice pilaf) $7
Portabella Mushroom Sandwich w/ peppers, onions, provolone and pesto (vegetarian) $7
Cornbread $1
Coleslaw $1

***Accepts all major credit cards***

The Nosh Box
Rib Eye Melt***$10
Seasoned Angus Rib Eye Steak
Creamy Melted Swiss American Cheese
Caramelized Onions
Horseradish Aioli
Served on Hearty Ciabatta

Caprese Panini***$8
Vine Ripened Tomato Slices
Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese
Basil Pesto
Served on Hearty Ciabatta Bread

Chicken Flatbread***$8
Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast
Grilled Red Peppers
Grilled Onions
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
Creamy Ranch Sauce
Served on a Warm Chewy Flatbread

Double Wide Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich***$7
Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese
American Cheese
Swiss American Cheese
Applewood Smoked Bacon
Served on Texas Toast

Rosemary and Salt Tater Tots $4
Ice Cream $3
House Made Creamery Confections
Ice Cold Pink Lemonade $2
***Accepts all major credit cards***
Collards! In the cabbage family, these loose-leaf greens are high in Vitamin C and fiber and are believed to have Cancer fighting agents. Collards are very similar to kale and can be used in many of the same ways. I like to saute them in just a little bit of butter (or bacon fat) w/ garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. You can also throw it in soups, smooties, or stir-fry. Here are a few more ideas: Sauteed Collards & Kale,Breakfast Tacos w/ Eggs, Onions & Collards, and Creamed Collard Greens.

Make a market meal: Saute onion, garlic, carrots, green beans, zuchini, squash in olive oil until cooked through. Add kale/collards, splash of soy sauce, red pepper flakes and sesame seeds (Spicehound). Serve over cooked whole grain rice.

Shown here with snow peas, but use what's available at the market!

Live Music: Singer-songwriter Tracy Marie, 11:30am-1:30pm

Vendor Spotlght: Community Greenhouse Partners

Community Greenhouse Partners (CGP) began in 2008 after Executive Director and Founder Timothy D. Smith saw the film Fresh, a documentary about sustainable food systems that featured the Milwaukee-based program "Growing Power." After turning to his wife and asking "Why aren't we doing this here?" he gathered a team of experts and rallied volunteers from throughout the Greater Cleveland area to bring the vision to life. With the input of many, the vision has grown and morphed into what E4S founder Holly Harlan would call a true BHAG -- a big, hairy audacious goal -- but one that is well and truly on its way to becoming a complete reality.

CGP is a sustainable urban farm that applies ecological design principles and engages community participation to grow wholesome food year-round, improving personal health while generating training, mentoring, and employment opportunities for our neighbors.

CGP’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those around us by growing vegetables year round and selling them at low cost to urban families, employing local residents, and teaching sustainability and earth science to young people.

CGP is growing food year-round in four hoop houses, which produce salad greens and microgreens along with other seasonal vegetables. CGP also has multiple large raised beds that produce vegetables during traditional farming seasons and a Forest Garden that will produce a wide array of fruits and nuts within the next five years. They will build a large-scale greenhouse complex to raise significant amounts of vegetables and fish using a closed-environment Aquaponics system and have recently begun a large-scale vermicomposting operation which feeds organic waste from area restaurants and grocery stores to red wriggler worms in order to create our own soil.

Central to the mission of CGP are Aquaponics, Composting and Forest Garden projects — all areas where they practice Permaculture, an approach to designing systems that are modeled on the relationships found in nature rather than on the strictly biological concerns that form the foundation of modern agriculture. Permaculture is founded on three ethics — “care for the earth,” “care for people,” and “fair share.”

CGP is committed to not only selling fresh fruits and vegetables to their local neighborhood but also teaching nutrition and the proper ways to prepare food for the table. The farm is located in the St. Clair Superior Neighborhood, an area recognized as a “food desert” due to the lack of stores selling fresh food within a reasonable distance. CGP will build a community kitchen that will teach cooking skills to increase food literacy in urban households and will work with the Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland to heighten awareness and teach neighbors how to combat and control Type II Diabetes.

Using the commercial kitchen and the classrooms in the former church, CGP will also operate as an aggregator of crops for area urban farms, helping gardeners expand their marketability, offering training on season extension, and create opportunities for sales in larger markets. They will offer local gardeners and farmers the opportunity to create value-added products from their crops and will also help area farmers access economic development grants from the City of Cleveland.

CGP’s Permaculture Education Center is teaching middle and high school students about sustainability and permaculture by using the Montessori technique of learning by doing, working with students on composting and soil biology projects, greenhouse and hoop house design, integrated pest and plant management and the construction of water capture systems. College interns looking for long-term urban farming experiences are also welcome.

“Produce Perks” accepted: EBT users will receive “Produce Perks,” a dollar for dollar bonus (up to $10) to be spent on fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce Perks are available at area farmers markets while supplies last. Please stop by the information table tomorrow for more information or to use your card.

EBT, WIC, senior coupons and debit cards are accepted.

Are you interested in becoming a vendor at DFM? for more information of fill out the online application here.
Here's our complete list of vendors for the 2012 season:
  • Por-Bar Farms: Heirloom and organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs
  • Community Greenhouse Partners: Organic vegetables and greens grown just a few blocks east of downtown
  • Harvest in Christ: Heirloom produce grown using sustainable methods
  • Chaotic Farms: Chicken, turkey, and eggs
  • Ohio Farm Direct: Organic, grassfed cheese
  • Crystal Moon Acres: Goats milk fudge and baked goods
  • Judy’s Oasis: Middle Eastern Cuisine, including hoomus, meat pies, falafel and prepared foods for lunch
  • Peddler Bread: Artisan bread bakery 
  • Ohio City Pasta: Hand-crafted pasta
  • Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Small batch coffee roasters located in Ohio City
  • Blaze Gourmet: Exotic hot sauce and salsas
  • SPICEHOUND: High quality spices, herbs, chillies, and natural salts
  • No Whey Chocolates: Vegan, whey-free chocolate candies and chocolate-covered fruit
  • The Tea and Honey Company: Locally made teas, honeys, and other aromatherapy items
  • BONJOUR Crepes: French crepes using locally grown and organic ingredients
  • In Forno Pizza: Wood-fired authentic neopolitan pizza
  • Pig Lickin' Good BBQ: Hot-off-the-grill BBQ, bottled sauces and salad dressings
  • The Nosh Box: A mix of midwestern comfort food with a Tex/Mex kick
  • Son of a Biscuit Bone: Organic dog treats
  • Publish Ohio: Cleveland-area prints, postcards and photos
***Additional produce vendors will be added throughout the season***
    Come hungry and enjoy a delicious lunch from one of our prepared food vendors. Just make sure you save enough time during lunch to visit all of your favorite vendors, enjoy the fresh air, listen to the live music, and maybe even picnic in the grass!

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    For more information, please contact:
    Ashley Shaw, Market Manager
    Downtown Farmers Market at Public Square

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