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Broadway Farmers' Market TONIGHT

This week's market marks the debut of In Forno Pizza!

In Forno master chef George Negy constructed a mobile firebrick wood-fired oven that bakes his from-scratch pizza in--get this--90 seconds. George prepares his pizza with fresh, all-natural ingredients: homemade dough from Italian flour; garden-grown basil; mozzarella; olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and more. In Forno pizzas are Neapolitan-style, which means that they are old-world thin crust and in the tradition of the finest pizzas in the world. Come check out his oven and get yourself a pie. Mangiano!

The Transylvania Bake Shop returns with an assortment of locally-made baked goods: Walnut Rolls, Braided Raisin Loafs, Rye Loafs, Pastries, et cetera.

Produce, of course, is starting to become more plentiful than ever. Be sure to hit up Por-Bar Farms, Green Corps, and Harvest in Christto see what's in season. You can be sure to find berries, beets, kale, cucumbers and zucchini, various herbs, chard, collards, carrots, okra, radishes and turnips -- and more, of course!

Hummingbird Creations has a huge display of homemade lotions, soaps, teas, ointments, shampoos, and more. Take some time to inspect the many lovely offerings.

Shipley's Coffee House is your place to go for coffee and smoothies! Beat the heat with some cold beverages.

And don't forget to bring your kitchen knives, lawn mower blades, and anything with a dulled edge to be sharpened by Noon Sharpening!

As always, see you this Monday from 4-7pm.

Yours in Yummy Food,


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